Best Total Security: Most Complete Online Security

Nowadays you’d better be suitably secured against dangerous intruders and applications. Total security packages offer you the most innovative and extensive internet security available. Where do they differ from normal antivirus packages? What is the ideal? We talk about the importance of good security and emphasize the main total security options of famous manufacturers.

Why good internet security is essential?

If you get online, then security is just about the last thing you’re thinking about. You check your email, like to play a match, check messages from your friends on social networking, organize your banking affairs, or go on a bargain hunt. In all these cases you’re prone to malicious bugs or software. Your mailbox may already be filled with spam. The link in the email or article contributes to a site with content that is questionable. The checkout page of this webshop is dangerous causing your payment information to be up for grabs. For carefree online security, you’re dependent on a good security program.

Choosing the correct package

Due to the necessity of good security, you’re searching for a suitable solution. That isn’t that simple since you stumble on numerous businesses that also offer various versions, some free of charge, others priced significantly. Entry-level software often provides some security but is less resistant against increasingly complex, advanced hacking methods. The most powerful and comprehensive variant does provide that and is known as: Total Security.

In addition to all features of a normal package, complete security suites consist of extensive applications to guard you against cybercrime. They provide real-time security again the dangers of the internet. They handle personal data and alert you if questionable procedures are identified.

The most important features of Total Security solutions recorded:
  1. Firewall
  2. Advanced anti-spam filter
  3. Password management & Anti-phishing
  4. Privacy security
  5. Parental supervision
  6. Online back-up
  7. Multi-device security
  8. Encryption


A fantastic firewall offers security in two areas. On the one hand, it prevents undesired access from the exterior by tracking all of the network traffic. On the other hand, it keeps track of software to make certain they don’t misuse the network link. The normal Windows firewall carries out the monitoring satisfactorily but doesn’t handle the undesired access from the software.

But, improved firewalls do this. You won’t be bothered by difficult questions about potential undesired application access. Overall security packages feature the best firewalls that also keep tabs on questionable activities of unknown programs.

Anti-spam filters

In the ideal case, you’ve not received spam in your inbox as your supplier filters these. But it’s more probable that you had to find addressed email between mountains of undesired offers and other advertisements. In these instances, the filter functions insufficiently. Worse: the filter works too well. Mails that are important for you, don’t wind up in your inbox since they’re considered suspicious.

Better spam filters differentiate properly between real threats and dependable messages.

Password management & Anti-phishing

A virus scanner doesn’t protect well against fraudulent websites requesting your login data. So-called phishing sites pretend to be reliable bank sites or appear to be the online game website. Whenever you fill in your personal login information, they wind up at the wrong hands. Anti-phishing will help to flag dangerous websites so they may be avoided.

Privacy security

Overall security packages often go one step farther. They provide specific security of sensitive and personal information. Every undesirable effort to send this information from your computer is blocked and will sound the alert.

Parental supervision

Online bullying or threats, violent or pornographic material. You’re conscious of the online dangers, your kids may not be yet. You’re also not present all of the time for a parent or responsible once your son or daughter is online. Parental oversight functions monitor the online behavior of your children carefully and guide them if need be.

Access to inappropriate sites and the use of particular programs can be prevented. You may even correct when and how long your child can take advantage of this internet connection. With most packages, you set parental oversight easily on the basis of profiles of age and sex.

Back up and online storage

In a sense, the best security is creating a backup of your data. This way you can just restore data that has accidentally been eliminated. Overall security packages provide the option to automatically make well-secured copies of your documents online.

Smartphones and pills also secured

Besides your PC or Mac, multi-device packages also protect your smartphone and tablet. In the event of loss, you can block and localize your device remotely. If desired, you may even erase the information, and the system makes photos of the burglar.

Encryption: encrypting files

Do you want to earn the interception of individuality and personal information even more challenging? Some packages have additional functionality letting you encrypt your sensitive and data files.

Overall security: that is the best?

Total security packages offer you the most extensive online security versus malicious parties. There are quite some suppliers with complete answers and they vary strongly between each other, each with pluses and drawbacks. Which package is the best, depends upon your needs and budget.