Panels for Site Builders Course

Do you want to learn how to create configurable, 2 or 3 column layouts without ever having to use HTML? Drupal’s popular tool, Panels, lets you do just that. It works well with the configuration power of Views and CCK, so if you already use those, Panels will be extremely useful. This course is a perfect follow up to our Beginning Site Builder’s course.

Course details

Panels is a useful Drupal module used to build individual pages with complex content layouts, such as 2 column vs. 3 column layouts, with or without top footers or headers, etc. You’ll learn how to use Panels in combination with Views to build context-specific data displays and explore how Panels can take over existing pages, including the node creation page. The course will also cover how to create custom block sections, embed Views within Panels, create custom node displays, create custom administration pages and create block sections.


The Intro to Drupal for Site Builders course, or equivalent knowledge of Drupal, Views and CCK.

What is provided:

Students will need to use their own computers, with an up to date web browser.

How to Register:
Fill out the Course Sign Up form and we will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

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