Who are we?

Drupal Schoolhouse offers Drupal Training in the following locations: from Canada's far West (Victoria/Vancouver) to the far East (Halifax/Charlottetown) and every major city in between (Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa). We are fully bilingual and offer courses in both English and French!


Q College (formerly VSBT)  have been offering Drupal Training in Victoria and Vancouver for the last 4 years. One of only nine Adobe Authorized Training Centres in Canada; many of our students have been recruited from the top 2% of our graduates and are retained by marketing firms and Drupal shops around Canada. Our experts at Q College are skilled at training customers to use and develop Drupal systems. The college offers a one-of-a-kind Diploma in Drupal Web Development & Internet Marketing.  During this 11-week intensive course you will learn how to build professional web sites with experts in a Professional Design and Development studio! We'll also teach you about Drupal's great features, including: e-commerce shopping carts, security, user interaction, forums, blogs, hosting, search engines, SSL, photo galleries, advertising, portals, calendars & more!

IT Training & Support

With the addition of Canada wide Drupal training we have extended our reach to support in-house Drupal IT departments. Need some training for your team? We have you covered!  We have helped many IT teams develop Drupal System from the ground up. We fill in the blanks with expert trainers for to help your IT staff get moving. We offer invaluable experience from a bunch of geeks who have played with Drupal for over 6 years. Save some time and resources by borrowing the tested development, and trade secrets of a professional Drupal shop. Check out our IT Support Services.

We also provide custom training in Adobe, Microsoft, Web Development, Design, Social Media and more!

The best part of our training course is our small class size. If there are any topics you'd like to learn, our instructors will be more than willing to help. We have the cutting-edge knowledge of today's fast-paced and competitive web sector.

Our Instructors

Gord is the CTO of northStudio and has been working with Drupal since 4.6. Gord has the unique ability to see a project with a bird’s eye view—his programming background allows him to account for all of the development options available and architect websites in the most efficient and scalable fashion. Gord’s whirring mind always needs to be occupied, and he thrives in situations where he is continually learning something new.


René has been doing web design for northStudio from its inception and has been working with Drupal since 4.6. René plays a key role in helping clients achieve the right functionality and aesthetic for their websites. René’s duties include building and theming websites and implementing the graphic designer’s template. In many ways, his work is a hybrid of IT and graphic design. René is bilingual, and can teach courses in both French and English. He’s our resident CSS and theming expert.


KareKarenn is both a Drupal developer at northStudio and one of the lead instructors at Q College, where she teaches the Drupal Open Source Development Diploma. What invigorates Karen is the investigative process that is a part of web development. Karen’s natural inquisitiveness and love of experimentation make her amazing at both teaching and building! Her sensitivity to the user experience also helps her find ways to make website functions easier and clearer to navigate. Karen's expertise is in Theming, SEO, Drupal Development and making learning fun!



Doug has worked in Drupal since early 2007 and is well rounded on both front and backend Drupal.





Victoria based developer, specializing in PHP development, and all things open source, as well as open sourced based models of education, tools, web apps. Always been interested in Drupal, especially the JS and openlayer modules.

Our Partner Acquia


Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system.

We specifically partnered with Acquia to deliver in-person Drupal training, as they have been able to create and provide powerful, user-friendly Drupal curriculum to serve the needs of the community.



The course was great.  I had no previous experience with Drupal yet at the end I left with a great understanding of the process of developing modules, how to look for references, etc.

Drupal Module Development Course - Toronto and Mississauga - May 20 2011

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